Most people have no difficulty talking about the products their company sells, yet when it comes to writing reports and proposals their ability to communicate can desert them.  Words that were effortless sitting face to face with the customer are considerably harder to produce, and it shows in the finished documents.

Why is this problem?  Simple: conversation is casual and the written word for many people is perceived as formal.  Formal writing tends to be stilted, more difficult to read, lacking in personality and could be enough to give your customer second thoughts!

Think of your writing as conversational, not formal.  When your writing becomes more conversational it becomes more readable. Good writing has rhythm, is easier to understand and reflects your personality. 

The easiest way to achieve this is to find a quiet room, turn on a tape recorder and start talking as if the customer was sitting across from you.  The end result will not be perfect but it will give you a first draft and a good starting point.

Working this way you are putting your vocal talents to good use.  The end document will sound like you and reflect previous conversations with your customer.