Why do companies employ freelancers to deliver training courses for them when they have no intentions of paying their fees?  For the second time in six months I am in the throes of putting together a Statutory Demand to serve on the latest client to default, giving them 21 days to pay up or face possible winding up proceedings.

The pattern is always the same, I call to chase the invoice and am told it is waiting for approval.  This can take several calls, then when told it has been approved the next lie will be something along the lines of, "It was scheduled to be paid but it seems to have been left off the paymemt run and the Finance Director has gone on holiday".  The last time I had to do this I was told the Finance Director had gone on maternity leave and they did'nt know when any of their outstanding bills would be paid.

Are we supposed to believe that a large company with three main offices depends on just one man to pay all it's bills?  The upshot of all this is that the defaulting client lose a trainer (me), they are forced to pay up or risk losing their company and I tell anyone, both clients and other trainers about my bad experience doing business with them. Pathetic!